Facilities List

CNC Swiss Automatic Lathes

    2 Star Model SR-32 1 1/4" Bar capacity 7 axis with LNS Hydrobar
    2 Star Model SR-20 3/4" Bar capacity 5 axis with LNS Hydrobar
    1 Citizen Model F12 1/2" Bar capacity with milling capability
    2 Star SE-12 CNC Swiss
    1Nomura NN-20BII

CNC Swiss Automatic Lathes 5/8" Bar Capacity

    2 Star Model RNC-16
    1 Star Model JNC-16
    1 Star Model RNC-16B with sub spindle
    1 Star Model SH-12
    1 Citizen Model F-16 with milling capability
    1 Nomura NN-16UB

CNC Automatic Lathes

    1 Miyano Model BND-34 1 3/8" Bar capacity with live tooling and LNS Hydrobar
    1 Miyano Model BNC-34 1 3/8" Bar and 6" chucking capacity
    1 Okuma Model LB-10 1 5/8" Bar and 8" chucking capacity
    1 OmniTurn Model GT-75
    2 OmniTurn Model GT-jr

CNC Turning Center

    Okuma Model LT-10 1 5/8" Bar and 8" chucking capacity,
    sub spindle with live tooling and SMW Spacesaver automatic bar loader

CNC Vertical Machining Centers

    1 Fadal Model VMC40 22"x16" table travel with 5C 4th axis unit
    1 Fadal Model2216 22"x16" table travel with6" rotary table 4th axis unit
    2 Kitamura Mycenter 1 VMC with pallet system

Swiss Automatic Lathes

    1 Tornos Model R-10 7/16" Bar capacity cam operated
    1 Tornos Model R-125 1/2" Bar capacity cam operated
    1 Tornos Model RR-20 3/4" Bar capacity cam operated

Laser Marking System

    1 Electrox Scriba Laser Marking System 85 watt ND Yag Laser with rotary unit

Secondary Operations Support

    4 Hardinge Model DSM-59
    1 Levin Jewelers Lathe
    4 Bridgeport Knee Mills

Centerless Grinders

    2 Cincinnati Model No.2 centerless plunge and through feed grinding

Diamond Tool Grinders & Drill Grinders

    1 Star Model BG-2 Diamond Tool Grinder
    1 Agathon Model 175-DIA Diamond Tool Grinder
    1 Meteor Model MM-10 Precision Drill Grinder
    1 Darex Model SP-2500 Drill Point Grinding Machine 1/4"-1" Capacity
    1 Chevalier Model FSG-612 Surface Grinder

Parts Cleaning System

    1 Sonicor Ultrasonic Parts cleaning system

Optical Comparator

    1 Gage Master 14" CNC Optical comparator
    2 Scherr Tumico 14" Vertical Beam Optical Comparator

Additional inspection room tools include:

    Mitutoyo MUX-10 Electronic Data Collection Port with M-stat SPC processing
    Edmunds Air-O-Limit Air Gauge
    6 Etalon Dail Super Mic's with .00005" Resolution
    Pretec Analog electronic comparator with .00001" resolution
    Heidenhain Digital Electronic comparator with .000005" resolution
    Universal punch concentricity gage
    Souther Gate Tri-Roll Thread Comparator
    Deltronic and Meyer Pin Gages
    Thread plug and ring gages
    Indicators and fixtures required for inspecting all manufactured products
    Cybermetric's GAGEtrack, GAGEstat, CallPro software for gage calibration, management and R&R studies

Administrative Support Systems

    Computer network with Windows NT Server running "Microsoft Back Office Small Business Server" with 12 workstations
    DataWorks "Vista" process control software system used for estimating, Scheduling, Job Status, and Accounting